1. Tips On How To Put The iphone 4 To Sleep And Turn It On/Off

    Push and hold your sleep/wake switch located on the top of the iphone 4 to turn it on. You will see the unlock screen after your Apple company emblem appears, this will take a few minutes. Press lightly on the arrow switch, and glide it off to the right to get to the Home display screen, which is your main jumping off place in order to almost all the different things your apple iphone is capable of doing. Do not forget to protect your iPhone 4 using a apple iphone 4g Case, best iphone 4 cases provides money saving deals about apple iphone 4g cases To turn your iphone 3gs totally off, press-and-hold your Sleep/Wake switch for around five seconds and a red Slide in order to Power Off switch will appear. Slide it off to the right and your cellphone will power off.

    When your iphone 3gs is powering off your display screen will turn dark, you will see a little icon for a quick moment. In order to put the iphone 3gs to rest click the sleep/wake button one time, you will hear a click sound and your display will turn black however you will even now recieve phone calls and text messages. This will save you lots of life of the battery and keep your phone useful.. In order to wake it from rest, either touch that button once more, or press the Home button (the circular “real” switch simply below your display) . By the way, if you’re not doing anything at all on your iphone 4, in about 45 seconds, it dims the illumination of the screen (in order to save battery), and after that about fifteen seconds afterwards, if you still have not done anything, it puts itself to rest. Even if the apple company iphone is powered down it is still not safe from scraches and cracked screens protect it from punctures with an iphone 4 case found right here best iphone 4 cases Hint: Canceling the Shutdown If you press the terminate key after you get the (power down) display screen the iphone 3gs will stay on and proceed to the home display. It will also cancel shut down in the event you stay on the “Power Down” screen in excess of thirty seconds.

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